To contact Distinctive Staffing Home Services, you must have the following:
  • A Resume
  • 3 Letters of Reference
  • At least 5 years or more within a private household
Please submit your resume and at least (3) letters of reference to:

         Distinctive Staffing Home Services, Inc.
         205 Worth Avenue, Suite 201
         Palm Beach, FL  33480

(561) 822-9977
         F: (561) 822-9979

(Applicant Form 1 of 2)

Questionnaire - Initial Screening  

Date mm/dd/yyyy
First Name
Last Name
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Date of Birth
Position(s) Applying For
Have you registered with us before? Yes No
* If over 1 year, resend resume and references.
Have you ever worked in a large Estate household? Yes No
For how long?
Are you currently employed? Yes No
Reason for leaving
How soon are you available for employment?
Would you relocate? Yes No
If yes, where?
Salary range expected
* Need resume, photo, and references prior to making an appointment.
PLEASE READ: If you have a resume and 3 letters of reference, you have answered the above questions, and you feel that you would be a good candidate for employment through Distinctive Staffing Home Services, please click the button below to continue your online application.

(Applicant Form 2 of 2)

Application for Employment

Are you an American Citizen? Yes No
If not, my legal status is: H-1 Visa Green Card N/A
What is the expiration date?
Are you a smoker? Yes No
Are you married? Yes No
# of Children
Do you like pets? Yes No
Do you have a uniform? Yes No
Do you have a vehicle? Yes No
Do you have any outstanding tickets or arrests? Yes No
If yes, explain
Does smoke affect you? Yes No
Are you willing to work weekends? Yes No
Would you consider a live-in position? Yes No
Can you travel? Yes No
If yes, how far are you willing to travel?
Do you own your own home? Yes No
I have experience in the following: (please check)
Estate Management Yes No # of yrs
Size of Residence (Sq Ft) Live-in Live-out
Butlering Yes No # of yrs
Chauffeuring Yes No # of yrs
Houseman Yes No # of yrs
Exec. Housekeeping Yes No # of yrs
Housekeeping Yes No # of yrs
Couple Yes No # of yrs
Social Secretary Yes No # of yrs
Laundress Yes No # of yrs
Nanny Yes No # of yrs
Maintenance Yes No # of yrs
Groundskeeper Yes No # of yrs
CNA Yes No # of yrs
Companion Yes No # of yrs
Computer experience
(List Applications and programs)
Serving - Formal Yes No    
Serving - Informal Yes No    
List Responsibilities Performed

Staffing Estate Homes, as well as consulting clients about common household staffing challenges.


Resume, reference letters, employee questionnaire, helpful tips.


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